10 Habits of Successful Artists

Important Tips That Every Artist Should Know - Budding or Experienced Artists - We Can Help!

Learn to identify the 10 habits of highly successful artists presented by a former gallery director who attended the Maryland Institute of Art and the Boston Museum School.

Gorman started GG+A, a consulting and career development firm that has worked with artists, museums, and arts organizations both in the United States and Europe. He has given workshops to a variety of arts organizations around the United States including the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM; Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, AZ; Art in the Mountains, Bend, OR; and Art Expo Pasadena, CA. Geoffrey currently writes about the business of art for The Artist’s Magazine and has a monthly column called Art Matters in The Pastel Journal, and provides content for a variety of online publications including wwar.com. Gorman is the author of "Creating A Professional Portfolio" a comprehensive workbook for artists. Read More...

Get Your Artwork Noticed By Galleries

Learn 12 Steps To Get Noticed By The Galleries - Written By A Former Art Gallery Owner!

Learn the Do's and Dont's when dealing with Art Galleries so that your work makes the exhibitions! New artist portfolios are often thrown aside into stacks - while they are important, they're not URGENT. And if something is not urgent, then other tasks tend to take priority. What really helps new artists get noticed are referrals. This is why networking with established artists can be so beneficial if you are just starting out, because a little word of mouth from an artist who is already "in" can get you noticed faster than anything else. Read More...